Controlled Thermal Resources is in the advanced stages of commencing development of a new 280MW geothermal power project within the Salton Sea area of California, home to the best geothermal resource in the United States. 

With an experienced development team, site control through secured land and mineral rights on a long-term basis, and a very positive preliminary resource assessment, CTR has successfully met critical early-development milestones.

CTR plans to expand the development in 140MW stages up to the total resource generation capacity of more than 1100MW, the largest on the planet - enough to power around 1,000,000 homes and businesses.

Salton Sea geothermal brine unearthed from the formation contains high concentrations of valuable minerals such as Lithium, Zinc, Manganese and Potassium.  These minerals will be extracted from the brine downstream by a 3rd party, providing additional revenues.

Since first inspecting the subject site in 2013, CTR has witnessed a significant recession of the Salton Sea shoreline.  CTR identified the expedited recession of the sea in the early stages of its lease identification process with most of the subject lands at that time covered by the Sea.

The subject lands are the only such geothermal development lands located within the Salton Sea and subsequent receding shoreline.  CTR is planning to cover approximately 135acres of exposed playa within its first stage of development, with further mitigation work during subsequent stages of development.