Controlled Thermal Resources (US) Inc. is a multi-faceted Electricity Generation and Minerals Extraction Corporation that is developing a diverse Utility Scale Renewable Energy & Extraction Project located at the Salton Sea, Southern California USA.

The Salton Sea is well known for its accessible shallow Geothermal Resources. The combination of low elevation, thin earth crust and seismic activity enables the Imperial Valley to generate 20% of all the geothermal energy produced in the United States.

The 16 geothermal plants currently operating in the area produce over 530MW of electricity. It is anticipated that the Salton Sea geothermal field may contain an additional 2,000MW of commercial development potential.

CTR have conducted extensive research over 18 months within the Known Geothermal Resource Area “KGRA” of the Salton Sea and have secured a highly productive site.

CTR has adopted a risk adverse approach to development, whilst creating multiple revenue streams by the way of:

  • Geothermal Energy Generation;
  • Minerals Extraction; and
  • Solar Power Co-Generation.

CTR has secured a site with large resources including mineral rights. Plans for development are over multiple stages. Stage One power plant will have a net nameplate capacity of 50MW. The scalable master planned development will be rolled out in 50MW increments, with total resources that will produce over 500MW of base-load Geothermal Energy per annum.

CTR has developed proprietary technology that is well suited to the hostile Salton Sea conditions. The “Hot Rod” is an in-ground heat exchanger that produces high quality productive steam; which is isolated from the contaminated geothermal fluids.

The Hot Rod will be incorporated within the development of traditional production and injection wells, further mitigating development and production risk.

Minerals extraction is an integral part of CTR’s diversified development approach. CTR’s technology will efficiently extract the high minerals, salts and silica content from geothermal fluids, which contain:

  • Lithium,
  • Silica,
  • Potassium,
  • Strontium
  • Manganese; and
  • Zinc

This alleviates the need for expensive plant and equipment utilized to treat the reservoir fluids prior to re-injection.

CTR is reviewing the incorporation of solar installations above ground. This would produce around 400MW - 600MW of additional renewable energy per annum. The Salton Sea has an annual rainfall less than 4 inches, and the sun shines in excess of 100 degrees F all year round. Solar will mitigate dust and improve the environment, also allowing for peaking and on-demand capabilities operating as a co-generation plant.

"Located in the Imperial and Coachella [valleys] of Southern California, the Salton Sea represents one of the most abundant and underutilized sources of renewable energy in the state, including the most prolific geothermal capacity in the world. Geothermal plants supply base load power, electricity that is available 24 hours a day, sevendays a week."

California State Senate Select Committee
on California’s Energy Independence