Gov Jerry Brown signs bill to extend California's Climate Change cap-and-trade program

Lawmakers and environmentalists gathered on Treasure Island to witness Governor Jerry Brown sign Assembly Bill 398 authored by California State Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella). AB 398 would extend California’s “Cap and Trade” program to 2030. Previously the program was set to expire in 2020.

Cap and trade puts a limit on carbon emissions and requires polluters to obtain permits to release greenhouse gases. Some permits, known as allowances, are given away while others are auctioned, generating billions of dollars in revenue for the state. The money is a key funding source for a planned high-speed train between San Francisco and Los Angeles, one of Brown's priorities.

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California votes to extend cap and trade

California lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to extend the state's cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases through 2030.

The bipartisan, supermajority votes in both the state Assembly and Senate late Monday gave a major victory to Gov. Jerry Brown (D), who has been pushing hard to extend the landmark climate change program in the world’s sixth largest economy.

It also serves as a significant example of California’s willingness to fight climate change while the Trump administration and congressional Republicans work to dismantle Obama-era climate policies.

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Coal got knocked out in Calif. Now, gas is on the ropes

"In general, it's going to be renewables in, gas out, so you've got that sort of long, slow good-night of lots of gas," said Jim Caldwell, a senior technical consultant with the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, a Sacramento think tank that has been advocating for regulators to reconsider their grid policies to better account for renewables and climate change. 

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