Valley Geothermal project takes top award

Controlled Thermal Resources (CTR) has won the Project of the Year Award for Sustainability for its Hell’s Kitchen geothermal project in the Salton Sea at the 9th North American Infrastructure Leadership Forum, in San Francisco on October 29, 2017, CTR announced Monday.

CTR is one of a team of geothermal project developers who aim to construct and operate the largest geothermal power plant in the Imperial Valley. Another team is planning the engineering, construction, and operation of a companion plant that will use a proprietary carbon-dioxide-negative technology to recover minerals such as lithium from the geo­thermal plant’s brine before it is re-injected into the reservoir. Operating together, the plants will compose a CO2-negative, renewable-energy power producer.

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DOE proposes cost recovery for baseload generators in new FERC rule

Released at the end of August, the Department of Energy's grid study concluded that the reliability of the bulk power system is strong today, but changes in the resource mix could present challenges in the future. The report urged federal regulators to begin examining how to better compensate generators for the services they provide for reliability and resilience if it finds reliability is threatened. 

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The green energy revolution is now unstoppable

It doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to think of a world powered by renewable energy. It is fast becoming necessary - to cut air pollution and combat climate change.

California is a really exciting example of a state trying to change the status quo. It was wonderful to read about how Senate President Kevin de León has put forward a plan to produce 100 per cent renewable energy within California’s electricity grid by 2045.

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