The Team

The Controlled Thermal Resources Directors and Leadership Team bring diverse expertise and experience to the Company while sharing a common vision and culture.  The expertise and experience base includes industry and business knowledge, financial and operations management, legal, technical, and corporate governance.

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Corporate Mantra

Our philosophy is to develop and produce renewable energy that is competitively priced with fossil fuels, without government incentives or subsidy. We exist for the greater good of the environment and betterment of our fragile Planet.

We strive to grow organically and nurture within, have an open and honest philosophy without hidden agenda. We never tolerate greed, dishonesty or self-interest.

We do not compete with each other for title or entitlement. We encourage growth through sharing of knowledge, and willingly share our knowledge with others.

Our work ethic is not that of how many hours we work, nor what we are paid, the real reward is the self-satisfaction, as a team the job is done well, and done well the first time.

Rod Colwell

Founder and CEO