Op-Ed: Save Coal And Nuclear Power — We Might Need It

There is nothing more important for future electrical power in the United States than whether, in the wake of an enormous loss of baseload power due to overregulation in recent years, our country preserves financially stressed nuclear and coal plants for essential baseload power.

Although the Trump administration has taken steps to address the overzealous rules that have affected nuclear and coal plants and forced more than 120,000 megawatts from these entities into retirement since 2010, it’s clear the problem persists, and more must be done. Currently, 17,000 MW of coal-fired power are expected to be lost this year, and several large nuclear plants could close.

Source: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900021425/op-ed-save-coal-and-nuclear-power-we-might-need-it.html

IndustryLee L